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Ultra Match

For 2023, we present the new brand Ultra Match. The Ultra Match will breakthrough common boundaries and provide new dimensions for the participants: 20+ stages, 300+ rounds and 2+ days!

The 2023 Swiss International Championships was held as the first Ultra Match and two more will follow in 2023.

We are striving to provide a safe, fun and challenging set of stages that test the shooting skills of the competitors. We also highly value the camaraderie among the staff, the competitors and the spectators. 

Ultra Match World Series 2023

Join up and become part of this great team!

2023 Swiss International IDPA Championships
IDPA Ultra Match

Ultra Match Italy

A new dimension of IDPA competitions!

Read the match report in the SwissAAA blog!

  • IDPA Ultra Match

  • All divisions

  • 20 stages

  • Round count: 304 minimum

  • 2 days of shooting

  • Capacity for 338 shooters

  • Pre-match (staff): May 4-5, 2023

  • Main-match: May 6-7, 2023

  • Defense 360 Formazione
    Via Luigi Boccherini
    21051 Arcisate VA, Italy

  • Google Maps

Toni Systems
Gun Factory
Wyss Waffen Burgdorf
Bear Armory
Phoenix Swiss Made

EuroAfrica IDPA Championships
IDPA Ultra Match

Ultra Match Kenya

The next IDPA Ultra Match is in full preparation! We will join the Bamburi Rifle Club in Kenya for a festival of dynamic sports shooting! Get on board now!

  • IDPA Ultra Match

  • All handgun and PCC division

  • 20 stages

  • Round count: 314 minimum

  • 2 days of shooting

  • Pre-match (staff): July 20-21, 2023

  • Main-match: July 22-23,  2023


Asian Championships
IDPA Ultra Match

Ultra Match Thailand

The third and final match of the Ultra Match Series 2023 will be held in Bangkok, Thailand! Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to enjoy the unique Asian hospitality and join this phenomenal competition!

International shooters are welcome! Rental guns (standard is Glock 19,17,34) will be organized upon agreement. Ammunition will be available for sale at the range. 

  • IDPA Ultra Match

  • 22 stages

  • 2 days of shooting for all participants

  • Bangkok, Thailand

  • TIGER TAC. Academy & Shooting Range

  • Google maps

  • Pre-match (staff): December 14-15, 2023

  • Main-match: December 16-17,  2023

Ultra Thai

2022 Swiss International IDPA Championships

Swiss International IDPA Championships 2022
Swiss International Championnships 2022

The 2022 Swiss International Championships took place June 24-26, 2022 in Arcisate, Italy. Almost 200 competitors from 17 nations took part in a challenging and fun match over three days.