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Ultra Match

For 2023, we present the new brand of 'Ultra Match'. The Ultra Match will breakthrough common boundaries and provide new dimensions for the participants: 20+ stages, 300+ rounds and 2+ days!

The 2023 Swiss International Championships will be held as the first Ultra Match but more will follow.

We are striving to provide a safe, fun and challenging set of stages that test the shooting skills of the competitors. We also highly value the camaraderie among the staff, the competitors and the spectators. 

Join up and become part of this great team!

2023 Swiss International IDPA Championships
IDPA Ultra Match


A new dimension of IDPA competitions!

More stages, more rounds, more challenges and more fun!

Come and join us to make this endeavor a success. Let’s take IDPA competitions to a next level!

Ultra MatchWhat does ‘Ultra Match’ mean? It’s a new brand for competitions that offer the shooters more stages to shoot than what has usually been the case in the sport so far.

StagesThere will be a total of 20 stages! Consisting of 17 normal stages, two warm-ups and one equipment/ chrono stage.

The stages will contain a lot of variety, they will test many different aspects of shooting abilities. We will balance ‘fast and fun’ with some more challenging target combinations. You can expect the stages to be on the very top level of quality, skills challenge and entertainment.

Shooters: All IDPA members competing in any handgun division are welcome! We hope for a very large international attendance and would like to make this event a true celebration of sportsmanship and camaraderie across all boundaries.

StaffWe will have two MDs and will need about 50 staff to run the match smoothly. All certified CSO, SO and motivated helpers are called to action! We are working on a compensation and/ or accommodation package for the staff.

We hope to have sparked your interest in the IDPA Ultra Match and would like you to join the team as staff or as competitor.

Join up and be part of this innovative move to promote our common sport!

  • IDPA Ultra Match

  • All handgun and PCC division

  • 20 stages

  • Round count: 302 minimum

  • 2 days of shooting

  • Maximum 338 shooters

​Dates and Time Plan
  • Pre-match (staff): May 4-5, 2023

  • Main-match: May 6-7, 2023

  • Defense 360 Formazione
    Via Luigi Boccherini
    21051 Arcisate VA, Italy

  • Google Maps

International Shooters
  • EU-Schengen: You will need the European Firearms Passport and an invitation to the event (provided above).

  • NON-EU-Schengen: We will provide assistance for the temporary import process. Fill in the appropriate form above (fly/airport entry at Milano Malpensa or land entry) following the instructions provided and send it back to the email given on the form.


EuroAfrica IDPA Championships
IDPA Ultra Match


The next IDPA Ultra Match is in full preparation! We will join the Bamburi Rifle Club in Kenya for a festival of dynamic sports shooting! Mark your calendar and standby for more details!

  • IDPA Ultra Match

  • All handgun and PCC division

  • 20 stages

  • Round count: 314 minimum

  • 2 days of shooting

  • Coming soon! Standby for details!

  • Pre-match (staff): July 20-21, 2023

  • Main-match: July 22-23,  2023


2022 Swiss International IDPA Championships


The 2022 Swiss International Championships took place June 24-26, 2022 in Arcisate, Italy. Almost 200 competitors from 17 nations took part in a challenging and fun match over three days.