Competition Movement

One-day instruction on efficient movement

This course is made for competitive shooters who have solid basic shooting know-how and would like to improve their overall performance by enhancing their non-shooting skills. Once you are basically able to hit what you are aiming at, efficient movement techniques are a very rewarding source for better and better overall scores.


Learn how to shoot and hit while moving, how to win time by manipulating while moving and how to optimally move in and out of shooting positions. Combine clever footwork and superior use of your force and energy towards faster hits on target and ultimately better overall results. 


  • Learn and apply shooting and hitting while moving

  • Learn and apply manipulations while moving

  • Learn and apply efficient techniques to move in and out of shooting positions


  • Experienced competitors with solid basic shooting skills

  • Wishing to improve overall performance


  • The four universal safety rules

  • Footwork fundamentals

  • Keeping a safe muzzle direction

  • Eye focus and body orientation

  • Explosive departure out of a position

  • Efficient arrival into a position

  • Timing and use of force

  • Shooting and hitting while moving

  • Manipulating while moving

  • Learning control using stage sequences


  • Personal pistol

  • Full competition gear

  • Approx. 250 rounds


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