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Precision Rifle Intensive Camp

The Camp

The Precision Rifle Intensive Camp is dedicated to mastering the precision rifle in a dynamic shooting context. It includes theoretical and practical instruction on equipment, ballistics, wind and distance estimation, field craft as well as fundamental to advanced shooting techniques. The acquired skills will be tested in various scenarios.

The camp participants will form a small team of about 4-8 shooters to maximize individual learning and value. SwissAAA works together with local contacts to provide an optimal practice environment and an overall enjoyable experience.

Planned Camps


August 12-16, 2024

Wiechlice, Poland

Camp Goals

In the camp you will put your precision rifle to full use. You will learn about proper preparation, fundamental and advanced shooting techniques, how to take an optimized shooting position under various conditions, how to manipulate efficiently and you will test your knowledge and skills in several shooting stages at distances from 100-1000m. 

Past Camp Examples

Precision Rifle Camp

February 2018

Western Cape, South Africa


August 2023

Wiechlice. Poland

Camp Program

The program is balanced between instruction, practice, drills, tests, stages and time for recovery. After the shooting sessions, there will be ample time to unwind and relax in order to be ready for the next day. At the end of the week the skills will be tested in a series of practical stages in a camp competition. 


Participants are welcome from beginner to experienced level. You should be eager to learn, perfect and prove your rifle shooting skills. Participants need a robust fitness as many exercises will include elements of physical endurance, force and flexibility.

SwissAAA Precision Rifle Camp
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