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SwissAAA, the Swiss-African Adventure Academy, offers instruction, training, coaching, competition and adventure around selected sports shooting disciplines. Our specialty are safe, simple and effective methods and techniques that will make you even more successful. We combine Swiss quality with local expertise internationally.

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Andy Pfenninger, SwissAAA's main instructor, has more than 30 years of experience in firearms and related topics. He is an Advanced Firearms and Tactical Instructor with ITA  South Africa and a former Swiss Armed Forces Officer (retired). Furthermore, he is a Certified Fitness Instructor as well.
Besides teaching and coaching, Andy competes himself in several sports shooting disciplines around the world. In IDPA, he was an all-division-master. Competing in many countries such as for example Switzerland, Italy, Lithuania, USA, Poland, South Africa and Thailand, he has won several international and national championships as well as many division, class and category wins in matches at international, national, regional, state and local levels.

In 2023, Andy and a team of founding members have launched the CMA - Competitive Marksman Action initiative. CMA is a new dynamic shooting sport that emphasizes safe and effective skills and mental and physical fitness. 




The SwissAAA instruction program allows the students to acquire and master the skills required to be successful through the three steps 1: Aspire 2: Persist and 3: Prevail. A lot of emphasis is placed on the methodical, step by step buildup of capabilities. We avoid taking shortcuts, because those will often turn into barriers that block further advancement later on. 
Our instructors are very experienced in their field of expertise. Additionally, we work with selected partners to provide an optimal coverage and development of know how in order to provide maximum value to our students.

SwissAAA Shooting Instruction Modules

Courses and Camps

The courses, training, competitions and intensive camps are grouped according to the skill levels of the target group of participants. However, remember that champions spend a lot of time honing their fundamental skills! Never stop investing in the fundamentals. Consult the detail pages and corresponding schedules and take contact to take your next step!

Courses and Camps


We offer individual or small group coaching for ambitious sports shooters and beginners alike. These sessions are highly effective because the program can be tuned to fit each participant for maximum gain. The coaching is based on four pillars: mental fitness, physical fitness, fundamentals and practice. The pillars are trained using a system of proven drills with five levels leading to superior performance when it really counts.
A very good opportunity to get familiar with this program are the intensive camps focused on sports shooting. Alternatively, individual coaching can be planed quite flexible to suit a student's busy schedule. Whether you are a competitive shooter or a novice: take contact now and we will assess the needs, potential and corresponding possibilities and start working and achieving together!

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Four Pillars
Drill Levels

Shooting Sports


Competitive Marksman Action

CMA is a new, dynamic shooting sport based on safe, simple and effective shooting abilities. It emphasizes personal skills and mental and physical fitness.


International Practical Shooting Confederation

IPSC is a dynamic shooting sport where the combination of speed and accuracy is key to success. Competitions are held for handguns, rifles and shotguns. A vast variety of specialized equipment can be used in the different divisions of the sport.


Precision Rifle Series

PRS is a practical shooting sport in the long-range precision shooting field. It provides a safe, fair, and practical basis for shooters of all skill levels and ages to compete. Born out of military, law enforcement and hunting scenarios, the practical application of the precision rifle is the underlying theme for all competitions.


International Precision Rifle Federation

The IPRF aims to unify the sport of Precision Rifle worldwide and set standards for competitions internationally to enable a level field of play up to World Championships.

Shooting Sports



Our partner in South Africa for equipment and training.


Our partner in Switzerland for indoor ranges, ammunition and equipment.

Wyss Waffen Logo PNG-Fat-White.png

Our partner in Switzerland for CMA Sport, indoor ranges, ammunition and equipment.


Our partner in Switzerland for CMA Sport, ammunition and equipment.


Society for a liberal firearms legislation in Switzerland


Our partner for graphical design


Our partner in Asia for CMA sports shooting.

MDW Logo.png

Our partner in South Africa for self defense and law enforcement training.

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