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CMA - Competitive Marksman Action - is a new dynamic shooting sport based on safe, simple and effective shooting skills. It emphasizes personal shooting abilities and mental and physical fitness.

A small group of enthusiasts has launched CMA on the Founders Day on June 10, 2023 near Bern, Switzerland. The rules have been tested in practice and more and more courses and matches are happening. We are working on evolving the sport and like-minded shooters from around the world are invited to join our effort!


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Mission of CMA

  • Provide a stable and dependable sports shooting framework based on safety, simplicity and solid firearms handling skills.

  • Stimulate international collaboration, sportsmanship and camaraderie based on common sports shooting skills, interests, standards and values.

  • Promote safe and effective shooting skills.

  • Emphasize personal shooting skills over the usage of specialized equipment.

  • Foster comprehensive shooting abilities paired with mental and physical fitness.

  • Provide a platform for objective shooting skills assessment and constant personal improvement.

  • Support the use of readily available, mass-production equipment.

  • Enable and facilitate sports shooting competitions from local to international and global reach.

  • Provide a solid framework for shooter, match official and instructor certifications.

  • Constructively contribute to the international sports shooting community.

  • Made for shooters by shooters.

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First experiences with CMA

CMA has proven its value over the past few months. It really offers superior possibilities and variety in stage design resulting in interesting challenges and great entertainment for the shooters. The shooting rules are straight forward and can easily be applied to the particular situations in a given stage. Pistol and rifle matches are separate and that allows for dedicated stages taking into account the very different potential and application of the firearms.

Nobody wastes time with discussions about funny equipment and ever-changing, contradicting rule interpretations. Match organizers, officials and shooters just enjoy the action of pure shooting performance. And that's how things are supposed to be.

Bottom line: CMA - A Better Way!  

More about CMA

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