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CMA - Competitive Marksman Action - is a new dynamic shooting sport based on safe, simple and effective shooting abilities. It emphasizes personal skills and mental and physical fitness over fancy equipment.

A small group of enthusiasts is working on a set of rules enabling safe, challenging and entertaining competitions. The founding event is set for beginning of June 2023 near Bern, Switzerland. 

Take contact if you are interested to know more!

Mission of CMA

  • Provide a stable and dependable sports shooting framework based on safety, simplicity and solid firearms handling skills.

  • Stimulate international collaboration, sportsmanship and camaraderie based on common sports shooting skills, interests, standards and values.

  • Promote safe and effective shooting skills.

  • Emphasize personal shooting skills over the usage of specialized equipment.

  • Foster comprehensive shooting abilities paired with mental and physical fitness.

  • Provide a platform for objective shooting skills assessment and constant personal improvement.

  • Support the use of readily available, mass-production equipment.

  • Enable and facilitate sports shooting competitions from local to international and global reach.

  • Provide a solid framework for shooter, match official and instructor certifications.

  • Constructively contribute to the international sports shooting community.

  • Made for shooters by shooters.

CMA Dynamic Sport Shooting

Introduction to CMA

  • CMA is an initiative to provide a no-nonsense dynamic shooting sport made by shooters for shooters

  • Read about the principles and outline of rules in the intro presentation (download below)

  • The exact rules and regulations are being defined and will be published around mid-2023

  • A founding event with a small competition is scheduled for beginning of June 2023

  • Interested shooters (local and international) are welcome to take contact and give feedback

  • Stay tuned for more details!


Draft Rules


CMA Skills Test

The CMA skills test is based on a skills matrix that is used for the basic handgun education and for the introduction to dynamic sports shooting. It can be used to assess the proficiency of a student after completing the corresponding education. Furthermore, it can be used to measure progress in becoming a better shooter by perfecting those skills through many, many practice sessions.

All of that cannot be achieved with some short drill of the bamm, bamm, bamm, ha, ha, ha fashion. Those are fun to do once in a while but they are inadequate for the needs of the sportsman. With a total of 3 stages, 10 strings and 48 rounds, this test covers almost all the relevant skills at least once. The test setup should be feasible on most indoor and outdoor ranges with reasonable effort and the test can be run quite efficiently.

Try it and use it for measuring your progress!

Setup and Procedure



Score = Time + Target Points + Penalty Points


Time: time used from the start signal to the last shot in seconds

Target Points: each hit is translated into points according to the target zones shown. Misses are counted as 5 points.  The CMA target can, if not available,  be substituted by an USPSA or IDPA target that is scored in similar fashion.

Penalty Points: If the procedure is not followed, a penalty of 5 points is added

CMA Dynamic Sport Shooting Target

Skills Matrix

CMA Dynamic Sport Shooting Skills Matrix

The skills matrix contains the basic skills for the handgun education and introduction to dynamic sports shooting.

With the exception of theoretical topics such as sports rules or pistol parts and very few practical skills such as disassembly, maintenance and re-assembly, the personal safety check (PSC) and the malfunction drills, all skills contained in the matrix need to be applied at least once in the test. So, when preparing for the test, the shooter needs to practice all of them, in order to achieve an satisfactory result. 

The basic muzzle control while moving in an uprange direction is a specialty used in dynamic sports shooting. All other skills are not necessarily specific to only sports shooting and can be used for a skills assessment in any other context as well.

Skill Levels

The skill levels and corresponding score brackets are preliminary and need to be confirmed with more data.

There are five skill levels: Rookie (RO), Amateur (AM), Professional (PRO), Expert (EX) and Master (MA).

The rookie level is relatively easy to achieve if the shooter can perform the techniques correctly and without safety issues. For the master level, there's is only a slim margin for any bad shots and all techniques have to be performed quite fast and without hesitation.

Skills Test

2-Gun Competitions

A 2-Gun extension of the CMA competitions is planned for the future. The current planning foresees three rifle divisions: 1) Mini-Rifle (22lr caliber) 2) PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine in 9x19mm caliber) and 3) Rifle (223/5.56 or 308/7.62 caliber). 

A first 2-gun event is planned in mid-June in Switzerland. 

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