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Swiss CMA League

Swiss CMA League Logo

The Swiss CMA League will be the first shooting league in Switzerland under the rules of a Swiss dynamic shooting sport! 

CMA has been founded in June 2023 and has proven itself in several handgun and 2-gun matches since then. The sport has gained international interest and there have been kick-off events in several countries. We expect further acceptance and growth in 2024, including the first international competitions. For Switzerland, several clubs will continue the tradition of the Swiss League, only now with a Swiss sport that is made by shooters for shooters! With this move, we open the matches to a vast variety of new and attractive possibilities. Come and join us!

The Swiss CMA League provides the possibility for shooters to join attractive matches in different locations and thus to grow the strength and cohesion of the dynamic sports shooters in our country. In particular, the league fosters and provides:

  • An attractive match calendar in Switzerland

  • A common platform and an encouragement for the clubs to organize periodic and successful matches

  • A high quality of the matches

  • An overall ranking for the whole season

2022 Swiss IDPA League

The 2022 season of the Swiss IDPA League is over! Six successful matches have been held all over Switzerland by different clubs. The participants fought in the SSP, ESP, CCP and Co divisions as well as in the Senior and Ladies categories. The overall ranking used a simple point system that rewards:

  • Match ranking in a division: the more shooters are behind you, the more points you earn

  • Podium bonus: if you reach the podium, you earn an additional bonus

  • Match bonus: at the end of the season, you can earn a match bonus for frequent participation


The final ranking is available in the member area here.

Many thanks to all participating clubs, MDs, SOs, helpers and shooters! Congratulation to the winners and to all participants for a sucessfull season! See you in 2023!


2021 Swiss IDPA League

The inaugural league year was 2021: six clubs organized one match each throughout the year in different places. All the matches were fully booked. Every match offered attractive stages and provided a lot of fun for all participants. At the end of the season, we had over 70 shooters in the overall ranking and the happy winners of the first league season were honored at the last match. The final rankings are available in the member section.

Due to the big success of the league in 2021, we will continue with this format next year. Come and join us in 2022!

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