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Difficult Targets

One-day instruction on consistently hitting difficult targets

Have you ever struggled with yourself about missing on a swinger, turner, mover or up-and-down? Most competitive shooters have! However, there are some techniques about shooting those targets that will make you more confident and get you those hits, no matter (almost) what the stage designer has invented for you. Join us for this one-day course to discover how to tackle this challenge!


Become more confident and get those hits!

Difficult Targets Course
  • Learn and apply special techniques for difficult targets

  • Be confident on swinger, turner, up-and-down

  • Repetition: the four universal safety rules

  • Repetition: grip and aiming techniques

  • Building speed

  • Swinger

  • Up-and-down

  • Turner

  • Hitting from different positions 

  • Hitting one handed

  • Hitting while moving

  • Combinations

  • Experienced competitors with solid basic shooting skills

  • Wishing to improve overall performance

  • Personal pistol

  • Full competition gear

  • Approx. 300 rounds

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