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CMA Championship

In 2024, we will start with larger CMA competitions up to a National championship. The first National handgun championship will take place in the new indoor shooting facility of Widstud, near Bülach Switzerland. This shooting range offers multiple, very large shooting rooms that allow for an optimal realization of the CMA stage design possibilities. We will be able to offer truly challenging and entertaining stages to a large number of participants! Come and join us! Together we can advance the Swiss dynamic shooting sport CMA and grow our mutual passion.

Swiss CMA Handgun Championship

Swiss CMA Handgun Championships
  • CMA L3 Handgun Match

  • All handgun divisions

  • 10 stages

  • Approx. 250 rounds

  • 1 day of shooting

  • Capacity for 60+ shooters

  • October 6, 2024

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