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Three-Gun Intensive Camp

The camp

Intensive 6-day training camp containing instruction, training and competition with handgun, rifle and shotgun. In particular,  an introduction to IDPA and 3-Gun sports shooting will be given.
During the whole training and competition week, the days will be action packed from early morning to late evening. On occasion, night work will be performed. Each day will start in the morning at 8 am and conclude in the evening around 6 pm. Some days will be extended until 11 pm as needed. Periodic breaks and a one-hour lunch break will allow to regain strength and concentration during the day.
There will be little to no time at all for sightseeing or entertainment during the week. Please plan your stay in South Africa accordingly so that you can profit fully from the program. We highly recommend to explore the magnificent country of South Africa and enjoy the many attractions it has to offer either before or after the Three-Gun Camp.

SwissAAA Three-Gun Camp

February 20-27, 2022: South Africa - Cancelled!

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