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Online Academy

We are working to add more and more content to the online academy. This enables learning and practicing along the topics of the SwissAAA courses using videos and documents accessible online. All videos English spoken with German subtitles.


For participants of SwissAAA classes:

This is a valuable source of information for the participants of SwissAAA classes. It allows for repetition of the course in your own time. Get the techniques explained again. Perform the necessary repetitions correctly. Experiment with different ways of doing a particular task to find out what works best for you and your equipment.

The classes contain a lot of information in a fairly short time and it's almost impossible to memorize it all. If you want to apply the content several weeks or even months later, it's going to be quite difficult. But now, using the online academy you will have the possibility to review all the contents again and thus realize an optimal and sustainable skills increase.

For online students:

If you cannot attend our classes in person, the online academy will give you an opportunity to profit from our learning and practicing material anyway. Of course, you will lack the direct feedback from an instructor but you will still be getting a lot of input on techniques, equipment, exercises and tests. And you will be able to turn it into an efficient and lasting improvement. 

Learning steps

  • Instruction: understand the topic and the context

  • Learning: apply the techniques and manipulations correctly in efficient timing

  • Practice: transfer the skill to your muscle memory, measure your performance and improve

  • Repetition: refresh your memory and perfect the techniques and manipulations

  • Test: objective skills and progress assessment

  • Consult the Shooting Career Path for overall context of the courses.

Get started

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  • Get the three courses Pistol Kick-Start, Pistol-Skill-Up and IDPA Intro in one package!


  • The Four Safety Rules

  • Pistol Selection

  • Equipment Selection

  • Disassembly & Maintenance


4 Videos - 42 Minutes

Free - Check it out!

Pistol Skill-Up

  • Drawing and engaging immediately

  • Shooting and hitting from different positions: standing, kneeling, prone

  • Clearing simple and extended malfunctions

  • Shooting and hitting one handed

  • Skill-Up Skills Test


7 Videos - 62 Minutes

CHF 49.00 - Valid 12 Months

More to come

  • CMA

  • Movement Drills

  • Low Light

  • Rifle

  • Difficult Targets

  • and more


Videos planned

Pricing tbd - Coming Soon

Shooting Fitness

  • Motivation

  • Effective Exercises

  • HIIT Program


1 Video - 18 Minutes

Free - Check it out!

IDPA Intro

  • Using concealment

  • Hitting from cover

  • Using low cover

  • Hitting from prone and cover

  • Turning and engaging

  • Shooting and hitting while moving

  • Moving uprange

  • IDPA 72-round classifier


7 Videos - 62 Minutes

Pricing CHF 49.00 - Valid 12 Months

Pistol Kick-Start

  • Basic Manipulations: Holster, Draw, Load, Unload, PSC (Personal Safety Check), Put Down, Pick Up, Handover

  • Five Fundamentals of Shooting

  • Basic Precision from 5, 10, 15m

  • Aiming Techniques

  • Magazine Change, Reload

  • Double Tap, Failure Drill, Multiple Targets

  • Kick-Start Skills Test


7 Videos - 63 Minutes

CHF 49.00 - Valid 12 Months

Competition Movement

  • Warm Up

  • Explosive departure

  • Efficient arrival

  • Effective Footwork

  • Focus, orientation and muzzle direction

  • Shooting and hitting while moving

  • Box-Drill

  • Cover-Drill


6 Videos - 69 Minutes

Pricing CHF 49.00 - Valid 12 Months

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