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Pistol Intensive Camp

The camp
SwissAAA and False Bay Firearm Training Academy offer the opportunity to participate in an intensive 6-day training camp in South Africa. The program is dedicated to mastering pistol shooting. It includes instruction, training and automation drills from basic to advanced level. The acquired skills will be tested in real-world scenarios and in IDPA competitive shooting.

SwissAAA Pistol Intensive Camp

At the end of the camp you will have learned, enhanced and automated simple but effective pistol techniques based on a few fundamental principles.
You will learn safe, fast and effective pistol shooting using practical methods and equipment. Through repetition and automation you will be ready to apply your skills under changing, unexpected and sometimes adverse conditions.
As a beginner you will be trained to shoot on an advanced level. As an experienced shooter you can perfect and prove your skills while making sure that your techniques are both efficient and effective.

Participants are welcome from beginner to experienced proficiency levels. If you are eager to learn, train and compete in a both demanding and fun environment then this camp is for you.

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