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Pistol Intensive Camp

The camp
SwissAAA offers the opportunity to participate in an intensive, several days sports shooting camp. The program is dedicated to mastering pistol shooting and compete in dynamic shooting sports. It includes instruction, coaching, automation drills and specific stage practice. The perfected skills will be tested by participating in a sports shooting competition at the end of the camp.


Pistol Intensive Slovakia

May 5-12, 2024

Video of the IDPA Intensive Camp in Thailand January 22-29, 2023

In this camp, you will enhance your knowledge as well as your skills.
You will learn how to improve your hits and how to save time in order to optimize your score. You will be guided through a proven set of exercises and drills. Through careful analysis of your techniques and mindset you will be coached to improve your overall performance one step after the other. Apart from shooting, the training will address physical and mental fitness, efficiency of movement, stage tactics and match strategy. Progress will be measured continuously by results recording and by running specific test and selected stages.
Finally, you will represent your home country and our SwissAAA team in a great match and compete with top local and international shooters.

Participants must have a solid basic pistol education. If you are eager to learn, train and compete in a both demanding and fun environment then this camp is for you.

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