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Pistol Intensive Camp

The Camp

The Pistol Intensive Camp is dedicated to competitive pistol shooting. The participants practice shooting fundamentals, movement techniques, physical and mental fitness, difficult targets, dynamic shooting stages and join a competition at the end of the week. The program includes instruction, coaching, drills, sport tactics and tests.

We build a small team of 4 to maximum 8 shooters that stays together during the camp. The participants learn from the instructors but can also observe the other team members and profit from their experience. 

SwissAAA works together with local contacts to provide an optimal practice environment and an overall enjoyable experience. 

Planned Camps

Pistol Intensive Camp Thailand

January 5-12, 2025

Chiang Rai and Bangkok, Thailand

Camp Goals

In the Pistol Intensive Camp you will enhance your knowledge as well as your skills. You will learn how to improve your hits and how to save time in order to optimize your score. You will be guided through a proven set of exercises and drills.

Through careful analysis of your techniques and mindset you will be coached to improve your overall performance step by step. Apart from shooting, the training will address physical and mental fitness, efficiency of movement, stage tactics and match strategy. Progress will be measured continuously by performing specific tests and analyzing the results.
Finally, you will represent your home country and our SwissAAA team in an international shooting competition with top local and international shooters.

Past Camp Examples

Since more than 10 years, Pistol Camps have been successfully organized in Thailand, Slovakia, South Africa, Lithuania, USA and Italy.  

Pistol Intensive Slovakia
Pistol Intensive Italy
Pistol Intensive Lithuania
Pistol Intensive South Africa

Camp Program

The shooting practice sessions will be complemented with specialized fitness lessons. The program will be balanced between instruction, practice, drills, fitness and recovery. After the training there will be ample time to relax, dip in the hotel pool, visit some local attractions, have a delicious Thai dinner and get a good nights sleep.

Towards the end of the week the team will travel to Bangkok, have a day’s rest and then enter the competition.

We highly recommend to make a plan to further explore the magnificent country of Thailand and enjoy more of the many attractions it has to offer before or after the camp.

Camp Participants

Participants must already have a solid basic pistol education and be safe around firearms at all times. You must be a CMA member. If you are eager to learn, train and compete in a both demanding and fun environment then come and join the team! 

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