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CMA Safety Officer Course

One-day instruction for new CMA safety officers

This course is the next step for experienced CMA competitors that would like to get more involved in supporting the sports activities. As safety officers, you will run and score stages in CMA handgun and 2-gun matches. You will also renew the skills tests for shooters and upload the results. In the course, you will learn about stage setup, firearms and equipment safety, stage commands, scoring, tools and running a squad of shooters efficiently. If you have solid competition experience and are ready and willing to contribute as member of match staff to the success of CMA events, then this course is for you.

Safety officers are the backbone of every competition!


Be able to

  • Manage safety on a CMA stage

  • Run & score CMA handgun and 2-gun stages

  • Experienced CMA competitors

  • Willing and able to contribute as match staff member to make CMA events successful

  • Approved by instructor

  • Classroom presentation

  • Stage building and checking

  • Practical SO team exercises

  • Conclusion

​Time Plan
  • One day course

  • Start: 09:00

  • End: 17:30

  • Personal 2-gun competition gear

  • Timer

  • Approx. 100 rounds rifle and 100 rounds pistol

Next Steps​
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