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Pistol Low-Light

One-day instruction on effective pistol usage under low-light conditions

In this course, the students learn to effectively operate their pistol in low-light conditions or in complete darkness. The goal is to learn and apply a few simple techniques to overcome the problem of limited or no visibility with or without the help of a handheld flashlight.

For this course, there's no need for expensive night-sights or weapon-mounted 'tacticool' light sources. A sturdy, relatively small flashlight with a simple to operate on/off switch is all one really needs. The brightness of the flashlight should be moderate, the zillion-lumen wondertool will be a disadvantage. How it all works and why less is sometimes more: you will learn and experience it hands-on in the course! The acquired skills are equally suitable for duty, self-defense and competition use!

Pistol Low Light Course
  • Learn and apply shooting and hitting under low-light conditions and in darkness

  • Learn how to prepare for and how to act in low-light situations and why

  • Repetition: the four universal safety rules

  • Facts and their effects around light and darkness

  • Pros and cons of certain equipment

  • Effective instinctive shooting techniques

  • Manipulating in darkness

  • Effective usage of the flashlight in the open and from cover

  • Selected scenarios

  • Experienced shooters with solid pistol skills

  • Eye and ear protection

  • Personal pistol

  • Safe strong-side belt holster

  • Minimum 2 spare magazines and pouches

  • Handheld flashlight

  • Weapon mounted lights (if attached) must be removed for parts of the course

  • Approx. 300 rounds

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