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Pistol Kick-Start

One-day instruction on pistol shooting fundamentals

This course is ideal for beginners to properly learn the fundamentals of shooting. It is the first of two one-day courses of our basic pistol education. The course is equally well suited for more experienced shooters who suffer from gaps in the basic techniques and therefore experience difficulties to improve further.

Success in shooting builds on a few basic skills, similar to a wall built with layers of bricks on top of each other. If the lower brick layers have gaps, the stability of the whole structure is compromised and the possible height and strength of the wall are consequently limited. It pays to lay a solid foundation!

As a responsible firearm owner, it is essential to get a solid basic education. As a sports shooter, remember this: yes, it's only a game, but the guns are real and they are not toys!

The fundamentals do not change whether you are a novice or a master. Building on solid basics is always a worthwhile investment!

  • Know, understand and apply the four universal safety rules

  • Know, understand and apply the five shooting fundamentals

  • Pass the practical test

  • The four universal safety rules and their application

  • Pistol parts and operation

  • Using the holster (dry)

  • The five shooting fundamentals: position, grip, aiming, breathing, triggering

  • Basic manipulations: load, unload, PSC (personal safety check), mag-change, reload

  • Shoot & hit from a standing position from 5-15m

  • Double taps, failure drill, multiple targets

  • Pistol disassembly and maintenance

  • Practical test

  • Beginners and all shooters who need to repeat the fundamentals

  • New shooters must have passed a prior 1:1 firearms introduction

  • Eye and ear protection

  • Personal pistol

  • Secure belt holster

  • Minimum 2 spare magazines and pouches

  • Cleaning kit

  • Approx. 200 rounds

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