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Pistol Skill-Up

One-day instruction and consolidation of pistol skills

This course is for pistol shooters that have learned and practiced the fundamentals and are ready to take the next step. Learn how to manipulate and to shoot effectively from different positions. The new skills rely on a solid basis from the Pistol Kick-Start course. 

Learn how to merge mind, body and material to work together in order to achieve consistent results under changing circumstances. The focus in this stage clearly is: correct techniques and effective hits. Once this is achieved, time pressure and further difficulties can be introduced.

The purpose of shooting is hitting! If you miss fast you will still loose, after all.

  • Apply the four universal safety rules

  • Know and apply different shooting positions

  • Know and apply basic self defense drills

  • Pass the practical test

  • Repetition: the four universal safety rules

  • Repetition: basic manipulations

  • Drawing and holstering (hot)

  • Shoot and hit from the holster (empty chamber and fully loaded)

  • Shoot and hit from standing, kneeling, crouching and prone positions from 5-25m

  • Clearing malfunctions

  • Shoot and hit one-handed right and left

  • Practical test

  • Shooters with a good understanding of the pistol shooting fundamentals

  • Have passed the Pistol Kick-Start or equivalent

  • Eye and ear protection

  • Personal pistol

  • Secure belt holster

  • Minimum 2 spare magazines and pouches

  • Approx. 300 rounds

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