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IDPA 210-220 Cup

The IDPA 210-220 Cup is a regular highlight in the Swiss shooting season. The SIG 210 (military designation P49) was the standard Swiss armed forces handgun from 1949 to 1975 and is still very popular due to its outstanding design, quality, reliability and accuracy. The SIG 220 (military designation P75) replaced the 210 and is still in use today.


Only these two pistol types are allowed at the match. This event is an excellent opportunity to prove relevant practical pistol skills using our classic army pistols. It allows us to celebrate our traditions and conveniently combine them with modern sports shooting!

IDPA 210-220 Cup 2022



Only SIG 210 or SIG 220 pistols are allowed at the Cup. The obvious choice are pistols with an A number, original army models. Any private models, fulfilling the IDPA ESP requirements, are accepted as well. Models that do not fit the rules can start in the NFC division (for example caliber 7.65mm) but the result will not count. 
The shooters will need a safe strong side belt holster and ideally 2 spare magazines. All equipment used has to conform to the IDPA rules.

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