IDPA Targets

CHF 135.00

200 targets per order, including packaging and shipping per DHL in Switzerland, delivery during workdays, dimensions about 30x50x80cm and weight about 30kg.
Please fill in the order form, you will receive an invoice per email allowing payment per credit card online. After the payment is received, the targets will be shipped.

Reduced Size IDPA Targets


Print your own 1/3 IDPA targets for enhanced practice drills. Each target will fit on a normal A4 paper. One pdf file containing
a black/white, a color target and a color target with weak scoring lines.
The black/white saves printing cost and can be used for life fire practice, for example using a .22 PCC simulating bigger distances on a short range.

The color targets are ideal for dry fire practice, for example at home.

More options are available to registered members.

SwissAAA Dry Fire Drills

Dry Fire Drills


Download an effective dry fire program. The program makes use of the MantisX to optimize accuracy and time measurements. Use the program for your daily dry fire routine and as a basis to create your own exercises.

Watch the video on the SwissAAA channel for some further explanations and details.


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