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Trainer Course

2.5-day instruction and practice for new handgun trainers

This course fills the gap between the Safety Officer (SO) and the Firearms Instructor. The SO is certified to run and score a given stage at a match. The firearms instructor is a very experienced teacher who is able to bring value to both the beginner and the master level shooter.

But who is actually qualified to lead the weekly training at your club? The SO certification clearly has nothing to do with the work of a trainer and the prerequisites for a full firearms instructor are set too high for many people. This is where the trainer comes into play! The trainer will be able to plan and lead successful training sessions of about 2-3 hours for small groups of about 5-10 shooters.


This class is for experienced shooters who already possess prior general knowledge and experience in the field of teaching and coaching. It will not extensively cover the general topics of teaching methodology and adult learning techniques. The participants should bring a practical understanding of those topics to the course.

The goal is to learn and practice to plan and lead successful training sessions for small groups of shooters. It will enable the participants to become a trainer at a club and to help provide more success and more fun to the club members. Successful training sessions are based on a few proven tools and techniques that are introduced and practiced in this course. You will learn using standard course material and examples and you will practice how to customize the contents to your and your trainees needs. 

Become a part of spreading safe and effective firearms training that helps us all to enjoy the shooting sport to the fullest!

  • Be able to safely and successfully plan and lead regular training sessions for a club with small groups of shooters

  • Experienced competitive shooter

  • Minimum CMA AV classification in minimum 2 different divisions

  • Experienced CMA SO

  • Have a natural authority

  • Willing and able to invest time and effort in constantly improving club training sessions

  • Recommended: prior teaching and/or coaching experience

  • 1.5 days, homework, 1 day: theoretical and practical parts

  • Firearms safety in group training sessions

  • Training theory

  • Training plans and phases

  • Lesson plans and learning contents

  • Measures, assessments and improvement tracking 

  • Tools and best practices

  • Presence and role model function as a trainer

  • Prepare trainng plans and sessions

  • Safely run training sessions

  • Full personal CMA gear

  • Notebook

  • Blue Gun

  • Timer

  • Smartphone or tablet with practiscore

  • Approx. 200 rounds

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