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IDPA Carry Cup

IDPA started as a sport where normal service pistols are used for competition.
However, as shooters seek advantages by using certain equipment, this principle has become more and more forgotten. There's no doubt that a heavy, steel-frame pistol with a long line of sight or even with an optical sight, will be easier and faster to shoot than a light, polymer-frame compact gun. Not to speak of PCCs. Overall category rankings are almost always won by PCC or CO shooters and in the SSP, ESP and CO divisions, large, heavy, specialized sports guns dominate more and more.
However, there are still many shooters that want to take on the challenge of demonstrating their shooting skills with practical pistols. A vera good opportunity to do just that is the Caryy Cup. It's BUG (sub-compact) or CCP (compact) divisions only and focused on relevant shooting skills such as movement, cover, one-handed, short distances, low-light and moving targets. 

Are you up to it? Then join in!

IDPA Carry Cup 2022

  • IDPA

  • BUG or CCP divisions only

  • 6-8 stages incl. low-light

  • Minimum (approx.) 100 rounds

  • Saturday, July 9 2022

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