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Instructor Course

1.5-day instruction and practice for new handgun instructors

This course is for experienced shooters that already have prior general experience in teaching. Learn and practice to teach the SwissAAA standard courses yourself! The first two courses cover universal pistol skills, while the third course is CMA specific. You will be provided with proven class material such as presentations and lesson plans. A well-detailed and illustrated handbook for instructors helps you to keep on top of the learning material at all times.

Be part of spreading safe and effective firearms instruction that helps our students to enjoy the shooting sport to the fullest!

  • Be able to successfully teach the standard handgun courses: Kick-Start, Skill-Up and CMA Intro

  • Experienced competitive shooter

  • Minimum CMA AV classification

  • Experienced CMA SO

  • Have a natural authority

  • Be firm on principle and flexible in detail

  • Be able to prioritize safety and student success

  • Desirable: prior teaching and/or instructor experience

  • Personal behavior and presence as instructor

  • Successful teaching methods

  • Using lesson plans and other tools

  • Safely running a shooting class

  • Teaching safety rules and shooting fundamentals

  • Diagnose common shooting mistakes and suggest corrections

  • Ensure student success and positive experience

  • Running the standard lessons and tests

  • Full personal CMA gear

  • Notebook

  • Blue Gun

  • Timer

  • Smartphone or tablet with practiscore

  • Approx. 200 rounds

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