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Competition Revolver

One-day instruction for new revolver competitors

This course is for competitive shooters who want to start competing in the IDPA revolver division. Revolver shooting poses some distinct challenges that need to be properly addressed from the beginning in order to enjoy it well. You will learn and apply effective revolver techniques and get classified in the new division in order to be ready for your first match.

Once you master the revolver you can perform well with any handgun! There's a lot of truth in that and you will profit from the newly acquired skills to be become a more complete and confident shooter altogether.

  • Apply the four universal safety rules

  • Know and apply specific revolver techniques

  • Get IDPA REV classification

  • Be ready for competition

  • Repetition: the four universal safety rules

  • Equipment pros and cons

  • Five fundamentals with revolver

  • Positions, movement, cover

  • Reloading techniques

  • Revolver Classifier

  • Practice IDPA stages (if time permits)

  • Safe shooters with solid basic proficiency

  • Want to start competitive IDPA revolver shooting

  • Eye and ear protection

  • Personal revolver (IDPA Stock or Enhanced)

  • Secure belt holster

  • Minimum 3 speed/jet loaders or moon clips and pouches

  • Concealment garment

  • Approx. 300 rounds

Next Steps​

Get a glimpse at some revolver action in the test video of the Chiappa Rhino revolver. Some of the unique challenges that make revolver shooting so rewarding and fun are mentioned here. Check it out!

Competition Revolver Course
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