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Pistol & IDPA Practice

Intensive training for experienced pistol shooters



  • Confirm and consolidate effective pistol techniques

  • Discover strengths and weaknesses

  • Learn effective practice techniques

  • Build muscle memory

  • Build mental strength

  • Prepare for competition


  • Competitive shooters

  • Proven experience

  • Preferably IDPA competitors


  • Individual lessons: minimum 2 hours per session

  • Group classes: minimum 4 hours per session

  • Repeated sessions recommended

  • Proven drill program from fundamentals up to stage sequences

  • Logical buildup of skills

  • Tracking and analysis of progress

  • Adaption of program to individual needs


  • Eye and ear protection

  • Personal Pistol

  • Secure belt holster

  • Minimum two spare magazines and pouches

  • Concealment garment

  • Round count depending on agreed program



Upon Request

Duration: to be agreed

Location: to be agreed

Cost: to be agreed

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