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Pistol Caliber Carbine

One-day instruction on competitive PCC shooting.


  • Apply the four universal safety rules

  • Know and apply specific PCC techniques

  • Get PCC classification

  • Be ready for competition


  • Safe shooters with solid basic proficiency

  • Want to start competitive IDPA PCC shooting


  • Repetition: the four universal safety rules

  • PCC IDPA rules

  • Five fundamentals with PCC

  • Manipulations, Malfunctions

  • Positions, movement, cover

  • PCC Classifier

  • Practice IDPA stages (if time permits)


  • Eye and ear protection

  • Personal PCC or conversion kit or Mini-Rifle (22 cal but classifier does not count)

  • Carry bag

  • Chamber flag

  • Minimum 2 magazines and suitable pouches

  • Approx. 300 rounds

Next Dates

May 2,2020 - Fully Booked!

Duration: 09:00-17:00

Saligasse 6
5018 Erlinsbach, AG

Cost: CHF 250.- (excl ammo, lunch)