The International Defense Pistol Association (IDPA) is a global sports shooting organization headquartered in Bogata, TX, U.S.A.
Hundreds of clubs, directly affiliated with headquarters, are spread all over the world holding countless competitions at local, regional, state, national and international level.
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IDPA Shooters Switzerland facebook group

IDPA in Switzerland

The first Swiss IDPA club was founded in 2015 by Andy Pfenninger who brought the know-how back from South Africa. Since then, the sport has enjoyed ever growing interest among experienced competitive shooters and novices alike. Today, several clubs organize many matches throughout the year. The highlight of the season are the National Championships and, starting in 2021, the Swiss IDPA League.
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Swiss IDPA League

The Swiss IDPA League was founded to further improve the frequency and quality of the IDPA matches available to all competitors throughout the shooting season. It provides the possibility for shooters to join attractive matches in different locations and thus growing the strength and cohesion of the IDPA sports shooting community. In particular, the league fosters and provides:

  • An attractive match offering in Switzerland

  • A common platform and encouragement for the clubs to organize periodic and successful matches

  • Open matches for all IDPA members

  • High quality of matches and stages

  • An overall ranking for the whole year

The inaugural league year will be 2021 and all classified IDPA members are welcome to join. The league consists of a total of six matches held in different locations during the year. All matches have to fulfill a set of criteria to be considered league matches. The overall ranking will be calculated based on a simple, balanced point system. Each competitor participating in a league match will automatically be included in the overall ranking. The overall ranking includes the divisions: SSP, ESP, CCP and CO and the categories Lady and Senior. The point system rewards:

  • Match ranking in a division: the more shooters are behind you, the more points you earn

  • Podium bonus: if you reach the podium, you earn an additional bonus

  • Match bonus: at the end of the season, you can earn a match bonus for frequent participation


The overall ranking will be updated after each match and published in the member area here. The match schedule will be published here and on practiscore in the December-January 2020/2021 time-frame.



The best way to get connected with the community is to join the closed facebook group IDPAShootersSwitzerland especially made for IDPA competitors. Here, one can conveniently share information about events, matches, clubs, equipment and everything else concerning the sport. A lot of the IDPA events happening around us in Europe, such as for example the Italian Championship or the European Championship, are advertised here as well. Swiss delegations have travelled to matches all around the world, including USA, South Africa, Italy, Finland, Thailand, Hungary and other locations.
If you are not on facebook, just create a competitor profile and join up!

IDPA Shooters Switzerland facebook group

Career Path

IDPA shooting is more about skills and less about equipment. Proper instruction, effective practice and perseverance are a better path to enjoy the sport and have success than buying fancy gear. SwissAAA and selected partners offer a well-proven career path for competitive shooters.
The foundation provides the fundamentals of shooting and hitting. The fundamentals remain the same, independent of whatever specialization one wants to explore afterwards. Whether competing in dynamic sports shooting, carrying on armed duty or participating in traditional precision shooting: sound fundamentals are the basis for safety and success in any case.  Specification facilitates the start as an IDPA competitor for pistol, revolver and PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine).  The next step is to compete and keep becoming a better shooter!
The career path is designed to take you from beginners to master level - if you do your part of course. Take contact today and get moving to take your next step!

Competitive Shooting Career Path

Standard Courses

SwissAAA and selected partners offer a set of standardized courses. The goal is to assure an optimal and uniform quality of shooter education. Theses courses have been in use for many years and have proven very effective.

The Pistol Kick-Start and Pistol Skill-Up courses provide a solid basic firearms education independent of any further specialization planned by the student. After  successful completion, a student can specialize in any specific shooting sport. The courses ares suited for professional firearms users and civilians with a concealed carry permit as well.
The IDPA Intro course is a much recommended basis to start with the sport.
The IDPA Safety Officer (SO) course is a standard managed by the IDPA headquarters and allows successful students to become certified SOs.
The Instructor course is a teach-the-teacher course. It enables successful students to hold the Pistol Kick-Start, Pistol Skill-Up and IDPA Intro courses.

SwissAAA Pistol Kick-Start Course

SwissAAA standard taught by a certified instructor.

SwissAAA Pistol-Skill-Up Course

SwissAAA standard taught by a certified instructor.

SwissAAA IDPA Intro Course

SwissAAA standard taught by a certified instructor.

SwissAAA SO Course

IDPA SO (Safety Officer) standard taught by a certified IDPA SOI (Safety Officer Instructor).

SwissAAA Instructor Course

SwissAAA standard taught by Andy Pfenninger.


Certified Instruction Partners

SwissAAA works with a selected few instruction partners in Switzerland to assure easy access to standardized instruction. The selection of your teacher is a crucial step in your shooting career! Sound shooting fundamentals allow for much more satisfaction along the way than being stuck with flawed techniques. Through our teach-the-teacher courses, we assure high quality and optimal effect in the offered classes.


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There are dozens of matches, trainings and classifiers being organized in Switzerland every year! Most of those are managed using the practiscore website and application.
To see a list of the currently planned matches in Switzerland, visit practiscore




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