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One-day training for experienced IDPA Safety Officers

This course is for IDPA SOs that want to run their own successful matches design attractive stages. Learn and apply best practices in stage design, stage review, running of stages as well as organizing and running matches. Provide and receive constructive feedback in a group of peers. The participants share their experiences, opinions and views and oftentimes stay in contact with each other to organize and run attractive matches together.

Be an active part of the SO community and make the next step!

  • Learn and apply good stage design techniques

  • Practice how to run stages efficiently

  • Share lessons learned with other SOs

  • Plan future activities around IDPA

  • Pre-work: design example stages

  • Analyze stage design and learn and apply best practices

  • Build and review selected stages

  • Setup stages in practiscore (one or multiple squads)

  • SO teamwork

  • Lessons learned

  • Future events and matches

  • Certified IDPA SOs

  • Willing to engage further in the sport

  • Full personal IDPA gear

  • Timer

  • Smartphone or tablet with practiscore

  • Approx. 200 rounds

Next Steps​
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