IDPA SO Course

One-day IDPA Safety Officer certification class

This is the standard IDPA SO course as taught all over the world. You will be prepared to become a match official and an ambassador for the sport. This course stands at the beginning of your career as an SO and has a focus on practical exercises where you learn to be safe, competent and fair in running IDPA stages and make the match safe and enjoyable for everybody.

After the course your learning will continue by pairing up with more experienced SOs and continuing to buildup your skills.

Safety Officers make the sport possible. So join up and become part of the team!

SwissAAA IDPA Safety Officer SO Course
  • Earn the IDPA SO certification

  • Minimum 21 years

  • IDPA member in good standing for at least 6 months and never had membership revoked

  • Shot at least six IDPA matches, at the club or sanctioned level

  • Possess a basic knowledge of the IDPA rulebook

  • Be sponsored by an IDPA-affiliated club representative that can confirm the applicant’s ability to safely handle a firearm and who is willing and able to provide designated mentor SOs committed to training the graduate SO

  • Online test (prior to course start)

  • SO roles and responsibilities

  • SO code of conduct

  • Running stages

  • Practical exercises

  • Assessment and certification

  • Full personal IDPA gear

  • Approx. 100 rounds

Next Steps​
  • Discuss with your club responsible about the need for and sponsorship of new SOs

  • Go to the schedule for planned dates and registration link

  • Take contact