Swiss National IDPA Championships

Since 2016, the Swiss IDPA shooters congregate for the annual match highlight, the Swiss National Championships. All classified IDPA members are welcome and we especially enjoy international guests joining the match. We are striving to provide a safe, fun and challenging set of stages that test the shooting skills of the competitors. We also highly value the camaraderie among the staff, the competitors and the spectators. 

Join up and become part of this great team!

2021 Swiss National IDPA Championships

Swiss National IDPA Championships

All IDPA shooters are welcome to the match! You need to be a current IDPA member and properly classified in the division you would like to compete in. Please make sure your registration is updated and correct as we will check it before the match starts.

The match will be a handgun only competition and will test many of the relevant shooting skills such as for example short and long distances, various shooting positions, reduced visible hit zones, moving targets, using cover, strong and weak hand only, movement and many more. Apart from the scenario stages, there will be at least one standard stage with special challenges waiting for you.

Whether you are a Novice or a Master, we will spare no effort to make this match safe and enjoyable for you. Come and join us to make it a memorable celebration of modern dynamic shooting sports!

  • Tier 2, 10 stages, approx 150 rounds

  • 9 competitor squads

  • 3 staff squads

  • Up to 140 shooters

  • Saturday, September 11: Staff Day

  • Sunday, September 12: Competitor Day


Competing in IDPA in Italy

Despite big efforts, it is currently not possible to assure a suitable infrastructure for larger matches in Switzerland. However, our dear friends from 360 Defence in Italy have agreed for this match to be held on their magnificent range. In this way, we have a wonderful location with world-class infrastructure available! Many thanks for this great gesture!
Please note that the caliber 9x19 is not allowed for civilians in Italy. This should not prevent anybody from participating, since there are several solutions available to the shooters:

1) Start in CDP (45 ACP) or REV (e.g. 38 Spl or 45 ACP)
2) Get a 9x21 barrel for your pistol. Available for Glock, Walther and others
3) Start with any other IDPA legal caliber, e.g. 40S&W in SSP, ESP, CCP

Shooting IDPA in Italy

European shooters need a valid European Firearms Passport and an invitation to the event. You can legally bring a maximum of 200 rounds with you.
Shooters from non-European countries please take contact for further instructions.