Swiss IDPA League

The Swiss IDPA League was founded to further improve the frequency and quality of the IDPA matches available to all competitors throughout the shooting season. It provides the possibility for shooters to join attractive matches in different locations and thus growing the strength and cohesion of the IDPA sports shooting community. In particular, the league fosters and provides:

  • An attractive match offering in Switzerland

  • A common platform and encouragement for the clubs to organize periodic and successful matches

  • Open matches for all IDPA members

  • High quality of matches and stages

  • An overall ranking for the whole year

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2021 Swiss IDPA League

Match Calendar

Swiss IDPA League Match Calendar 2021

The rules are binding for all participating clubs and shooters. They explain the requirements for the matches and how the overall ranking is calculated. Download the rules here:

League Rules

Swiss IDPA League

The inaugural league year will be 2021 and all classified IDPA members are welcome to join. The league consists of a total of six matches held in different locations during the year. All matches have to fulfill a set of criteria to be considered league matches. The overall ranking will be calculated based on a simple, balanced point system. Each competitor participating in a league match will automatically be included in the overall ranking. The overall ranking includes the divisions: SSP, ESP, CCP and CO and the categories Lady and Senior. The point system rewards:

  • Match ranking in a division: the more shooters are behind you, the more points you earn

  • Podium bonus: if you reach the podium, you earn an additional bonus

  • Match bonus: at the end of the season, you can earn a match bonus for frequent participation


The overall ranking will be updated after each match and published in the member area here.

All match registrations are managed through practiscore. See all matches on practiscore