Handgun & IDPA Coaching

Intensive practice sessions for competitive shooters

Climbing up in classification and rankings is not just about shooting. Mental and physical fitness, efficient movement, muscle memory, building and exploiting confidence, practice and competition focus and many more factors have great influence in your ability to perform well. Learn how to exploit your potential and how to progress towards your goals.

At this level, after a single class you won't have become a better shooter. But you will know what and how to train in order to become a better shooter. Proper coaching and persisting practice will bring you forward!

  • Become a comprehensive competitor

  • Learn and apply effective shooting and non-shooting skills

  • Unlock individual potential and enable constant improvement

  • Analysis of individual strengths and weaknesses

  • Focus on exploiting individual potential

  • Building confidence

  • Using proven drills from shooting fundamentals up to competition performance

  • Logical step by step skills development

  • Building and using muscle memory

  • Buildup of the comprehensive competitor including mental and physical strength

  • Unlocking success drivers for practice and for competition

  • Effective live fire, dry fire, physical and mental fitness programs

  • Effective practice programs for work in between sessions

  • Constant tracking and analysis of progress

  • Individuals or groups with the desire for overall performance improvement

  • Preferably competitive IDPA shooters

  • Personal competition equipment

  • Depending on agreed program

Next Steps​

Become a Better Shooter!

Coaching Programs Upon Agreement


  • Individual lessons: minimum 2 hours per session

  • Group lessons: minimum 4 hours per session

  • Repeated sessions highly recommended


  • Live fire: shooting range

  • Dry fire, physical and mental fitness: to be defined


To be agreed. Depends on location, number of participants and other factors to be discussed.

General guideline for individual lessons (excl ammo, range fee, expenses):

  • One time 2h: CHF 200.-

  • Package 4x2h: CHF 700.-

  • Package 8x2h: CHF 1'200.-


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